Suede And Leather

Suede & Leather Cleaning

Suede and Leather cleaning is a craftsman’s work, we therefore defer to our experts. Unlike normal fabrics a lot of work goes into restoring the garment after cleaning to return the skin to its original condition. Smooth Leather for example often requires retexturing to achieve a good finish. Suede often requires some re-tinting for full colour restoration.

Suede and Leathers will often lose some of their natural oils during the cleaning process, and a lot of work therefore goes into re-oiling skin to keep it supple. Re-oiling can however darken the skin; for this reason we recommend that you clean items that are part of a set together.

We will ensure that your suede and leathers will receive the best expert attention possible whilst in our care.
We require three to four weeks for Suede and Leather cleaning. This way we can be sure of the best possible results for your garments.